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Scoring AAA - Deathloop Edition


Take your Masterclass experience to the next level and learn EVERY aspect of scoring a AAA title! What people are saying: "In the 7 hours or so of videos, Tom goes through his process of analysis, understanding and the methodology behind scoring the game Deathloop. Beginning with his in-depth review of the brief and the references he used, he brings us into his mind and pieces together how and why he created the score the way he did. I was blown away by the amount of detail involved in the arrangements of the musical cues, but also by Tom's focus on having the right sounds be in the right places to let the player know what is going on at the different times within the game. Additionally, I was very impressed with the amount of detail he went into explaining the different in-game music for the different levels as well as the individual music for the main characters." - Leo Voin, Composer "An awesome experience. The amount of detail Tom goes into on how he develops the music for this amazing game is mind-blowing. The insights to his process and creative decision making is stellar. It has actually given me the confidence to step into the game--no pun intended." - Pablo Wunderlich, Composer

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