Learn Video Game music Production and Composition

from one of the most known composers in the industry.

Coming October 2020

Thirty year professional music veteran Tom Salta, known for scoring some of the most iconic Video Games in history (including the Halo Series, PUBG, the Tom Clancy Series, Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein and many others) is bringing the culmination of his experience and expertise into this brand new Masterclass Series.

For the first time, Tom is offering his knowledge from working in the Video Game industry in this unique educational series. Known for being a dynamic presenter and having spoken internationally at TEDx and numerous conferences and universities, Tom Salta’s masterclass series is a game-changer for any Composer interested in building a Video Game career of their own.  Classes include:

- Creative Processes

- Interactive Music and Adaptive Scoring

- In-Game Music Mechanics

- Music delivery preparations

- The business side of Game Audio

- And much more ....


Be notified as soon as the TOM SALTA Masterclass is available.  Coming this October.



Tom Salta’s Masterclass Series is a must for ANY Composer who’d always wanted to write for Game.  Up until twelve months ago I’d been composing for short films and producing commercial music, although I’d secretly always longed for a career in Video Game composition but didn’t know where to begin.  Thanks to Tom’s tutelage and empowering personality, I have now finally begun to enter the professional world of Game Audio and have approached my first two gigs with confidence.

Tom’s Masterclass series will take you through all the necessary steps for you to start thinking ‘Game’ in clear, succinct tutorials, where what was once mysterious soon becomes second nature.  Each of his classes teach you invaluable skills regardless of which DAW/Libraries you own, and in no time at all you’ll also be saying “I can do this!”


The Tom Salta Masterclass contains a lot of very useful knowledge focusing mostly on subjects that are crucial but often overlooked in similar offerings, such as workflows, tips and tricks you would usually learn from an actual composer apprenticeship. Unlike many tutors out there, Tom is actually a working composer (and a very hard one at that!), so he’s always in touch with the latest developments/trends of the industry, which shows in his videos. Can’t recommend enough!


Tom Salta’s Masterclass has been a doorway into his reservoir of experience for composing video game music. Through these videos I’ve learned of the much needed attention to detail when working in a DAW, the technical aspects particular to this industry that make it so creative, and sure ways to make my music work in different scenarios.


Tom’s videos are a goldmine of real world, practical insight into professional video game composition. The content is structured and delivered in a way that’s clear and easy to digest, and ranges from big picture concepts to little tips and tricks that I’ve already started incorporating into my work. His videos on the creative process in particular are not to be missed.

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