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"The musical score by Tom Salta does its share to amp up the terror by a factor of ten." - GOG Connected

Salta metamorphosed his musical persona to compose the score to Red Barrels’ latest co-op multiplayer horror game, THE OUTLAST TRIALS.

The musical palette utilized in The Outlast Trials ranges from haunting orchestral compositions to the depths of dark organic and synthetic textures, culminating in moments of pure aural pandemonium. Salta's incorporation of unnerving diegetic music — spanning eerie pastiches of mid-century styles — creates an unsettling contrast that deepens the overall experience of the score. The Outlast Trials soundtrack is a spine-tingling journey through the very essence of fear and despair.

Red Barrel’s Audio Director, Francis Brus, adds, "In the realm of horror, music is not just an accompaniment; it's the conductor of fear, the orchestrator of tension, and the unseen hand that grips our hearts in a symphony of terror. This unique soundtrack didn't just complement "The Outlast Trials" but became an integral and unforgettable part of the bone-chilling odyssey into the terror that the game offers. Fans can anticipate a terrifying and immersive soundtrack that masterfully accompanies the game's horror-filled world.

Tom Salta's meticulous craftsmanship will deliver a sonic experience that heightens every emotion, from spine-tingling tension to heart-pounding suspense. Prepare to be captivated by haunting melodies, chilling soundscapes, and all-out madness.”

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