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"G.A.N.G. has always been like a second family to me and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to give back again to this amazing community and become involved as a sponsor!"

It's hard to believe that it's already been sixteen years since I won G.A.N.G's  2004 "Rookie of the Year!" I vividly remember my first GDC in 2002, the year G.A.N.G. was founded. Having come from a 17 year career in the music business, I immediately noticed the was something really special and different about these "game audio folks." They all seemed part of a "family" and had a generous spirit and passion for what they did.  I wanted in! Although I had no idea where to start and felt a bit overwhelmed wandering the halls feeling like an outsider in this new world, I immediately started making new friends.  And to very day, I have never stopped making new friends in this industry.

I think back that feeling of uncertainty, fear and doubt that I had in my early days aspiring to "make it" as a composer in games. Back then. there were virtually no educational resources that I could learn from and the only time I could hear directly from a successful game composer  was at a conference like GDC. I'm glad to say that today things are much different.

I believe every aspiring composer around the world should have an opportunity to follow their dreams, regardless of their location or circumstances, and learn directly from the working professionals they want to hear from. It has always brought me a sense of joy and fulfillment anytime I speak to those who have a desire to learn from me, whether it be at universities, industry conferences or mentee visits. This new Masterclass Series will allow me to connect directly with anyone who has a desire to learn about the world of game music and music production.  I know the kind of content that isn't  taught enough in schools and have based all my content on the many  topics that people have often expressed to me that they want to learn more about.  I will keep releasing the kind of relevant and up-to-date content that people want to see, whether it be about business, health and wellness, technology and much much more!


G.A.N.G. has always been like a second family to me and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to give back again to this amazing community and become involved as a sponsor!

Thirty year professional music veteran Tom Salta, known for scoring some of the most iconic Video Games in history (including the Halo SeriesPUBG, the Tom Clancy SeriesPrince of PersiaWolfenstein and many others) is bringing the culmination of his experience and expertise into this brand new Masterclass Series.

For the first time, Tom is offering his knowledge from working in the Video Game industry in this unique educational series. Known for being a dynamic presenter and having spoken internationally at TEDx and numerous conferences and universities, Tom Salta’s masterclass series is a game-changer for any Composer interested in building a Video Game career of their own.  Classes include:

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All active members of G.A.N.G. will receive a $50 discount on "Game Audio Essentials" as well as more discounts on future courses in the Tom Salta Masterclass series.

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Game Music Essentials

- Interactive Music (as seen at GameSoundCon2020)*

- Implementation and Adaptive Scoring (as seen at GameSoundCon2020)*

- The Creative Process part 1

- The Creative Process part 2

- The Business of Game Music

*These sessions were aired during GameSoundCon 2020

PLUS, get a FREE Private Zoom call with Tom to critique your work!

You can sign up for a free account at MASTERCLASS.TOMSALTA.COM

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