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One of the most fundamental skills for anyone creating music for games is creating music that loops. Tom Salta demystifies the process of creating music that loops perfectly in any DAW.

Synth Basics.png

In this 19 minute course, Tom Salta explains all you need to know to start using most any synthesizer on the market, both hardware and software. The main focus of this video will be understanding ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release).

Synth Basics
Organizing Synth Patches
Organizing Synth Patches.png

Tom Salta shares his methods for organizing his synth plugin patches to make it easier and quicker to find the sounds he wants. In this video, Tom demonstrates how he does this in a number of different virtual synths. (23 minute video)

Tempo Mapping Cutscenes
Tempo Mapping.png

Learn how to spot and tempo map a cutscene before you start composing music. It's important to lay a strong foundational road map and ensure that all the important hit points, tempos and time sigs are in place before the composing starts. (45 min)

Tech Best Practices
Tech Best Practices.png

This must-watch video covers all the basic best practices including: Hard Drive Setup Backup and Restore Strategy Project File Management Computer Maintenance 101 (for Mac)

Mentally Surviving the Long Game
Mentally Surving Box.png

First aired during GameSound Con 2021, composer Tom Salta shares a revealing, honest and sometimes humorous look into his techniques for Mental endurance and overall wellness. This talk is ideal for creatives or anyone who feels anxious and overwhelmed and is looking for ways to feel more peaceful, balanced and centered each day....for the long game.


Subjects discussed include Meditation, Sleep, Nutrition, Healthy Mindset, Socializing, Routines, De-Cluttering, Task Management, Fun and Personal Care and Professional Help.

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